Founded in 2013 RAYS PUBLIC SCHOOL is recently a new venture launched by ROYAL RAYS FAMILY. This initiative aims to impart an entrance oriented Higher Secondary education to the young minds who are highly motivated, self disciplined and industrious having strong desire to achieve greater heights in Medical or Engineering profession. Students are admitted in state open school and are provided with both school classes and Medical Engineering entrance coaching. Since the programme clubs both curriculum as well as entrance coaching much amount of money and time can be saved. Further, curricular activities are much more emphasized and we give only less importance to extracurricular activities, again saves precious time. Even though the students are admitted to open school, the exam they are writing and the mark list they are issued is the same as that of the regular students of the higher secondary classes. If you are bold enough to spare two years for academic activities only, your dream of becoming a doctor or engineer in prestigious institutions will be fulfilled in your very first attempt.