The student should strictly follow the class timings and should be punctual.
No student shall be permitted to enter the class room after the beginning of each class.
Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in and around the school premises. If violated, the phones will be    taken into custody, the parent will be intimated and strict disciplinary actions will be followed.
All students should strictly wear the school uniforms.
Unwanted interaction between girls and boys are undesirable at this age and is therefore strictly    prohibited.
Leave or absence should be informed in prior and permission should be taken from the respective class teacher.
Girls must approach the office staff for any help or assistance if required and no interactions or help    should be requested from outsiders.
No casual visitors are permitted and no one except parents are allowed to visit the students.
Misbehavior, disobedience, destruction of properties etc will not be tolerated. Strong disciplinary    action will be taken in    such cases and may even result in the expulsion of the student form the institute.
Student should strictly follow the rules and regulations of the institute as framed by the management for    time to time.